Our ancestors already cultivated the vine many centuries ago. Working methods and grape varieties were different at that time. However, we found those lost grape varieties again in our old plots and we have decided to recreate a former plot in order to taste a wine of Champagne with the same taste as 250 years ago again.

Grape-varieties and vineyard:

the parcel were planted by Thierry Laherte in 2003. Terroir of Chavot. 10% Fromenteau , 8% Arbanne, 14% Pinot Noir, 18% Chardonnay, 17% Pinot Blanc, 18% Pinot Meunier and 15% Petit Meslier.


Natural alcoholic fermentation in barrels from Burgundy (aged of 10 years minimum)
- Wine maturation during 6 months with regular stirring of the lees
- No malolactic fermentation
- Blending of several years, such as a solera : 60% of wines of the years are added to 40% of reserve wines (kept since the first harvest).

Dosage : 4 Gr/l

Blend available at the domain : solera from 2005 to 2012