The selected plots have been planted by our forefathers between 1947 and 1953. Some have been planted on franc vine stock, others are the result of old mass selections. All this contributes to give birth to this cuvée, a real tribute to our ancestors and to the grape variety Pinot Meunier

Grape-varieties and vineyard:

100 % Pinot Meunier. However there are a few Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Fromenteau vine stocks in those parcels.

Village de Chavot : Les Charmées, Les Noelles, La Potote, Les Rouges Maisons. Clay and silty soils, quite deep, with flints and little stones. Chalky subsoils.

Village of Mancy : Les Hautes Norgeailles, Les Bas putroux. Clay soils with a a little silt stratum in surface. Chalky subsoil.


- Alcoholic fermentation in barrels from Burgundy
- Ageing during 6 months with regular stirring of the lees
- No malolactic fermentation

Dosage: 2 to 4 Gr/l (Extra-brut)

Millesime available at the domain : 2012