Wine must taste like grapes.

When the maturity reaches its phenolic optimum, we press the grapes directly at our estate, right in the middle of the village of Chavot, with two 4,000-kilo traditional presses.

One press would have been enough, but we insist on pressing our grapes right after they have been picked: we are waiting for the grapes, the grapes are not waiting for us.

Must settling sessions are shorter and may not be carried out sometimes. The deposit from the must is part of the juice and brings the authentic taste of the fruit.

Vinifications are relatively simple: barrelling by gravity, slow and spontaneous fermentations with natural yeasts, stirring of the lees during the growing period. Depending on the wine, one or two racking sessions are carried out before the bottling process.

From then on, we have to let each barrel fully express the features of the vintage, the grape variety and the soil. Of course, we need to be extremely precise.