It is essential to bring the best out of each vine parcel by carefully vinifiying the grapes in order to reach the perfect alchemy, be it in stainless tanks, tuns, or barrels.

This is also true for malolactic fermentation which does not always occur, depending on the vintage, the grape varieties and the mood of each barrel. We are not looking for oxidation or reduction, but for balance.

We believe that each detail has its importance and plays a key role in the wine’s evolution. Here are a few examples :

- Harvesting the grapes early in the morning to preserve flavours
- Stirring the lees in a barrel on “fruit days” in the evening
- Carefully selecting the barrels which will fit the Chardonnays des Crayons
- Being aware of the benefits of a 3-month natural fermentation
- Following our instinct and understanding how the wine evolves instead of creating standard wines
- Being patient

From one generation to the next, we will strive for balance: this is an infinite quest which makes us understand better our Terroirs, our wines and ourselves.